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I Duct for professional, cost effective, cable management solution for commercial, industrial & residential projects.

I Duct cable management products which give you more flexible system which can be give used for the connection of vibration equipment or to provide tight bends for interconnecting ducts.

Wide range of fittings and accessories means that almost any installation can be designed, specified, carry out with confidence.

I Duct cable management products proudly present Conco Cable Ducts, application include both new & refurbished contracts in commercial, industrial & residential projects. Theses can be buried in concrete/ plaster or external mounted.

Ideal in cast- in concrete slabs to run cable s due to it's rigidity and wide range of high quality fittings & accessories. Can be used in external cabling in industrial & commercial buildings due to its combustion-proof properties. wide range of high quality fittings & accessories will make the wiring neat and professional.











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